Collection of mini-reviews left by our kind community on our Facebook page. Thanks everyone.

"Brilliant game to say the least. Its simple but very fun and addicting. As an owner of nearly 200 PC games I find my self returning to SpinTires at least once a day to put my driving skills to the test for a few hours. These developers have come a LONG way on there own and have in reality made a working game near ready for release in my opinion, but they wish to take it 3 steps farther and make it an even better work of art than it already is. To whom ever is reading this I hope that you will support this game in the Kickstarter. And if you have not yet tried the demo I would recommend you go get it when you are finished reading this!" -- Richard Schneiter

"The true-to-life physics, awesome graphics, and realistic truck sounds make this game a winner. As others have said, can't wait for the finished product. A lot of hard work has gone into the making of this game." -- George Bencze

"Having driven trucks for many years, and gotten them stuck (and un-stuck)... Spin Tires really fills my need for off road mud fun but without all the mess!" -- RJ McKeehan

"My god! This game is gorgeous. I've been searching for a game like this forever. The terrain deformation leaves me speechless. Can't wait for the finished product. If you like offroading in rigs of rods, you will love this game." -- Garrett Queeney

"I was looking for that kind of game for a very long time. When I downloaded the demo I was shocked how great the physics and graphics are. The best part is that you don't need very powerful PC to run it." -- Matt Wietrzyk

"The fact that you can actually get these big powerful trucks stuck in the mud and if you keep working on new ways or different speeds or rocking the truck enough you can almost get out of anything. I also love the fact that you actually sink down into the ground and throws mud! You don't see that in any other game!!!!" -- Levi Hall

"I've been following ST for a long time now, and I can't emphasize the importance of such a open world simulation enough. The game is going to bring something entirely new to the table and I can't wait!" -- Aaditya Nair

"One of the most realistic off-roading simulators ever, comparable to Rigs of Rods and Outerra" -- Daniel Cavalier